Fragments & Shatterings. May, nearing its end ~

The other day I dropped my phone at an event I didn’t actually need to be at. Mercury Retrograde. Smacks each of us in different ways. My cat, who i see once a year for a month, has turned into an in continent emotional beast. My poor ex can now be called long suffering. When I look in the face of this cat, I I wonder how shattered her memories are. Does she erase the good memories & leave herself with nothing but the strained? She still hasn’t gotten over her owner having the audacity to get a second cat, which has since been given back to its owner. She’s now lounging on the very futon she urinated on earlier. I’m typing through a shattered screen thinking about typos, how inconsequential correctness is when the micro mic or world is shattered. I switched to my iPad to read Rosebud Ben Oni’s poem. But her poem is fragmented, smashed & critically urgent. 

Poetry by Rosebud Ben-Oni


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