BorderSenses Literary and Arts Journal, an interview

Q: If BorderSenses had a favorite midnight snack, what would it be?

A: I once had a Russian friend who kept a living fungus in her fridge—a clustered organism the shape and texture of skinless grapes. It sat in a Tupperware of milk on her top shelf. She drank and then replenished the milk daily, claiming it could remedy things like colds and acne and cancer.

Her particular strain had been alive for years. Given to her uncle by a man in China, it had crossed three continents to sit in a batch of mid-western milk. It grew with time and could be divided and shared—a perpetually mutating organism with its own unique and complex pedigree.

I like to think that BorderSenses would be partial to this kind of healing fungus milk, though it probably loves chips and salsa, too.

andrea blancas beltran


BorderSenses is an innovative literary journal based out of my hometown of El Paso, Texas. The BorderSenses organization is also infusing the borderland with important literary projects such as writing workshops for migrant workers and area teens. Following their 20th issue last year, 2015 is proving to be another exciting year for them as they have a new Managing Editor, Lacy Arnett Mayberry, and a new website among other things. Lacy generously agreed to an interview, so without further ado, I’m delighted to introduce you to Lacy and BorderSenses.

Q: What kind of writing and art are you and your editors looking for at BorderSenses?

A: Part of our mission is to promote cross-cultural exchange through the arts. We are interested in a both physical and metaphorical borders. That said, just because a story is set in Tijuana doesn’t make it an automatic fit for the journal. I often see literary magazines stipulate for writers…

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